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My entire life has been built around the idea that one could learn anything, and anything that one has not learned is because of a self-limiting belief.

I believe we have an infinite capability. We were made in the image of a creator. Put here as smaller creators entrusted with the creation of nature around us.

Maybe you feel like you were not born to take part is some skilled activities. This is a common phenomenon that is easily viewable by example. Such as non-artistic people who say that they were not “born artistic” as if anyone is. This would be like being born with the ability to read or talk. Each of these things has nuances that are continually being learned throughout a lifetime and must be learned by taking the first initial steps in practice.

Whenever people see me draw, they think that I was born an artist, instead of the reality that I started at an early age.

This is the same with any other skills.

People classify the ability to gain a skill,  as an innate inborn ability, that they may or may not possess dependent to their personality.

This is the self-limiting belief that majority of the population have about learning skills.

It is my dream to change this massive self-limiting belief in people around me.

I do this by absorbing as much as I can on a number of subjects, by teaching as many people as I can, and by helping others with my knowledge and skills. so the whole of society may benefit from my existence after I’m gone.

If I could lead by example, by dissolving my self-limiting beliefs and with each skill I learn, maybe those who learn from me could also do the same.
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